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Bangkok Flagstore

Take a peak into our store located in Bangkok.

Our flagship store in Bangkok, which is popularly referred to as the Tailor shop in Bangkok, is our home for all of our operations. It is situated in an upscale part of Bangkok which is very accessible. When customers make their requests, we can pick them up and bring them to our store. Where our standby service team will be on hand to receive and guide them into and through our store.

Opening Hours

Monday - Sunday

9:00 am
8:00 pm
Bangkok Flagstore

Our Bangkok flagship store houses a large collection of fabrics and is a good spot for us to exhibit most of our designs and products. The store is fitted with elements that brings out the full capabilities of the aesthetics around it as it reflects a splendor of comfort and excitement.

Our staff is committed to what they do. They will warmly welcome you with the reassuring Thai smile. Our tailor history is deeply rooted into our store and it resonates our commitment to professional service and quality to every existing and new customer. A wide-set of facilities are available to make you feel at home.

Our store is the first point of contact with most customers and they have confirmed repeatedly to us that the beautiful arrangement of the store, gave them more trust and assurance in what we do.

For us at Peninsula tailors, we stay true to our statement that says, “A customer is king,” and this is why comfort and ease are a vital part of our service. These exceptional traits and attributes are only common to one bespoke tailor in Bangkok, Peninsula Tailors. Give us a call today to dress you like the king you truly are. When you take a chance with us, we are certain that our service will amaze you and be positive about bespoke cloth making.

You are more than welcome to visit us in Bangkok. Book your appointment today!

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