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In-House Tailoring

Get amazed about our in-house tailor process.

The business of making clothes started centuries ago. People were just wearing clothes to cover up their body. Nowadays the fashion industry has brought new influences for clothes. For us at Peninsula tailors, we understand the true essence of clothing, which is – dressing to reveal your own personality.

Value for money

Our bespoke custom suits, shirts blazers and accessories makes bold statements, giving our customers great value for their money. Which is the testament of 18,000+ satisfied clients since we started our business.

It's all in the details

There are many cloth makers, but merely a few who can deliver what the customer wants. We produce unique designs and sew tailor-made clothes from your choice of materials and design. We will never miss the intricate details necessary to make the clothes truly bespoke and outstanding.

We use our own in-house tailors

Peninsula Tailors takes pride in our her cloth making process. Every cut, every thread of needle is used for specific purposes that will make your clothing will stand out. We are able to maintain the quality in all the clothes we make, because of our highly skilled and expert in-house tailors who are more than committed to their jobs. At our factory, we employ over 100 of the very best tailors of Bangkok. To add up, we also have around 15 professional tailors in our shop, that will hope you as you desire.

We have successfully passed down the skills and details embedded in the very first clothes we produced while we started in 1969.

We have applied many improvements along the way to ensure that we are up-to-date with all the nowadays trends. We train each of our tailors, and avail them with the best kinds of tailoring equipment available. Our work environment is conducive and serves as a brewing spot for nursing beautiful bespoke clothing ideas that are turned into realities when we produce your suits, shirt and/or blazers. All of these fully complimented with our amazing collection of accessories ranging from bow-ties to neck ties, cufflinks etc.

We will ensure that each piece of cloth stands out and reflects the persona of the customer. We want to make the world better by clothing people better. Starting with you!

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