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About Us

Discover more about us.

Peninsula Tailors started in 1969 – nearly 50 years from now, with an desire to deliver highest quality, bespoke clothing in Bangkok. Since then, we have grown into a trusted household name in the fashion industry in Thailand and beyond. But despite our achievements, we will always remain committed to our initial goal and ambition.

"What makes us really stand out, is the undivided attention we pay to the tiniest of details for all the clothes that we produce. Our outfits are classy, trendy and make a grand statement for each occasion."

Service first

Over the years we've developed clear

structure in delivering service.

We've encountered many obstacles along the way, from these situations we have learned, so we know how to act for each occuring issue.

Refined Art

Tailoring is more than manufacturing a product, it's an art.

With years of experience we've developed our own art and signature in the tailoring world. Our customers remain loyal, because we create everlasting relationship with them.


Not an typical tailor company...

The cloth making business requires skilled hands, which are dedicated to the fine craft and above all require a strong drive to make the next piece of clothing better than the previous one made. For us at Peninsula Tailors Bangkok, our employees are highly trained and resourceful staff who are committing the best of their effort to each piece of suits, shirts, blazers and other clothing accessories. The commitment of our brand to deliver qualitative and bespoke clothing makes our staff pay high attention to the smallest details. We do all of this without losing any production time. Our manufacturing time is highly rivalling to the rest of the industry.

Peninsula Tailors is Bangkok’s number one tailor choice and a fine company you can trust for all bespoke clothing matters.

Bespoke clothing is a tough endeavor for most, but that does not apply to us because we have been in the scene for a long time. Custom-made clothes are normally quite expensive, however we make it available to everyone. Ranging from low to high-end prices and materials. We make suits from as low as 7K THB to 80K THB and shirts from 1.5K THB to 6K THB. All of our accessories are available at very low prices compared to the quality embedded in them.

We do not just make clothes at Peninsula Tailors as others tailors do; rather, we make bold statements with each of our products. Wool, cashmere, wool blend, Mohair Wool, chinos, tweet, pure wool, pure cashmere are some of the materials we use in creating these beautiful statements.

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