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Our Jackets

We've picked outstanding fabrics which our experienced
tailors will craft into a truly unique Jacket for you

High Quality Fabrics

Italian Wool

We have endless amazing different fabrics from Italian Mills. Our Italian wool is considered as the best value for money. Huge brands are using this type of high quality. You suit is next!


English Wool

Want to go for a classic and elegant style? Our offering on English Wool exists out of hundreds of different types. It will make an excellent choice if you want to stand out of the crowd.


Cashmere Wool

Want to feel like a celebrity? Than cashmere is the right choose. It has fine details and comes from high-end mills.

Customize Your Own Jacket

Select your design

Over the years we have created endless different designs and styles for jacket.

We will go through some books for you or if you have some pictures available, we can make an almost identical version of it.


Pick your fabrics

We have over thousands of different fabrics available in our store.

Pick the colour, fabric and pattern that you want. From stripes, blocks, monocolour or printed; we have everything you want.


Go through the details

We love details, so should you. We advise you and discuss all the details: from cuffs, collar, stitching, buttons and much more.

Everything you want, we can discuss and make it happen.

Our Fantastic
In-house Tailoring

Finish up your Jacket with some amazing cuffs.

It's all in the details. Cuffs are an excellent way to give your suit just that little bit extra style.

        Horn Buttons

We have plenty of different horn buttons in a variety quality and colours available.

We will advise you on the best suitable buttons for yourJacket.

Bermberg Linings

All suits come with exceptional Bermberg lining.

Enjoy the best lining suitable for each design. We make sure it will perfectly seems with your choices.

Get your Jacket today!
1. Book
2. Come & pick design
3. Second day fitting
4. Pick-up
or delivery
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