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Our Shirts

We've picked outstanding fabrics which our experienced
tailors will craft into a truly unique shirt for you

High Quality Fabrics

Egyptian cotton

Being known of being the very best cotton in the world, because of its softness, strength and superior characteristics. This makes products made of Egyptian cotton as the world's finest.


Sea island cotton

The extra long staple length fibers from the cotton allows for smoother, more luxurious cotton fabrics to be woven than ever before, which quickly led to Sea Island Cotton being known as the best and finest around.


Wrinkle free cotton

Do you want to go for convience? Then this wrinkle free cotton is the perfect fit for you. Especially for people who don't have time to iron their clothes.

Customize Your Own SHiirt

Select your design

Over the years we have created endless different designs and styles for shirts.

We will go through some books for you or if you have some pictures available, we can make an almost identical version of it.


Pick your fabrics

We have over thousands of different fabrics available in our store.

Pick the colour, fabric and pattern that you want. From stripes, blocks, monocolour or printed; we have everything you want.


Go through the details

We love details, so should you. We advise you and discuss all the details: from cuffs, collar, stitching, buttons and much more.

Everything you want, we can discuss and make it happen.

Our Fantastic
In-house Tailoring
Single Needle Stitching

Our tailormade shirts are being stitched by an experienced craftsman. Each individual shirt is custom made for you.

To ensure the quality of our shirts we are double checking the shirts by our employees.

             Shell & MOP                  Buttons

We have plenty of different shell & MOP buttons in a variety quality and colours available.

We will advise you on the best suitable buttons for your shirt.

Best fit & durable quality

All shirts will have the best fit of your choice. So if you are looking for slim-fit, regular-fit or wide-fit; we can make it for you.

Our shirts have the best quality around and the quality remains, even after machine washing.

Get your shirt today!
1. Book
2. Come & pick design
3. Second day fitting
4. Pick-up
or delivery
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