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Our Process

We can deliver a full suit within a minimum of 3 days

Book appointment

Firstly we start of making an appointment with eachother. We flexible and will make time for you.

We will come to pick you up at your desired location and guide you into our lovely store.

Pick your design

After consulting with our tailors, we will together pick the best fabric and designs as you desire.

We will go through all the specific details in your first visit.

Come for fitting

The next day you can come in for fitting your clothes.

We will check if the suit fits perfectly to your body and adjust when required.

Pick-up or delivery

If you are happy with the result you can pick up your clothes.

Are you in a rush or don't have time to pick-up your clothes? We can deliver your clothes anywhere you want.


You can use our company car for free to explore Bangkok while we produce your order .

Peninsula Tailors Bangkok operates on a different pedestal compared to the everyday tailors out there. We deliver on time and go for the extra mile to ensure that our tailored-made products are speaking for us.
Our steps

Book appointment & visit our store


Pick your design, fabrics and style


Come for fitting the next day


Pick-up or delivery to wherever you want


Our process is simple and intended to serve you in the best viable way. As an extra service, we send free transportation to pick up you up at your preferred location and after our meeting we will return you safely at home. In our shop, you are giving the opportunity to choose from a large variety of designs and fabrics. We will treat you as a king and we go to any length to deliver based on your specific needs and specifications.

Our staff at Peninsula Tailors are patient and trustworthy, they work extra hard to understand the intricate details about your individual needs and desires. We do not compromise on any of your special requests.

After booking an appointment with us, our drivers will pick you (and your friends) up and bring you to our store. In our store, you can select the type of fabric and material and design you want. Thereafter, we take measurements and return you to your preferred location. On the next day, we will have you in for a test-fitting. If there are need for adjustments, we ensure such adjustments are done with deliberate attention to details and a guarantee for quality. Customers can test for fitting again (if required) and request for further modifications before the tailor-made products become ready for pick up or delivery the following day.


Peninsula tailors stands out compared to other tailors. We deliver quality in the fastest timescale possible. Our process takes only three days and in fact, for accessories such as neckties, cufflinks, bow ties, comer band for tuxedos, customers can pick them up almost instantly.

If you want quality suits in a very fast timeframe, then book your appointment today!
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