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Why us?

The best option around.

Our large portfolio of customers motivates us to become better each single day. Each of our products stands out, because we design each product from scratch to give the very best to you!

World-wide Shipping

Are you in a rush or do you want to re-order again? Don't worry we can ship anywhere you want to. We use entrusted companies such as DHL, FedX or TNT for a secure shipping of your goods


Years of Experience

Our rich history and expertise in making the best kinds of bespoke outfits is unparalleled within Bangkok and beyond. While other businesses try to achieve what we do, there is second to none that actually can deliver their promises, as we do.


Additional Service

To serve you the best we can, we will pick-up you from everywhere you like; this can be your hotel, a restaurant or even the airport. For customers with purchases over 100K we even give away our company car for you to use, while we are producing your order.


In-house Tailoring

Everything we do, we do it ourselves. We have a wonderful team with dozens of years experience in the tailor industry.

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Choose Peninsula Tailors Bangkok

Everycustomers will enjoy an unique opportunity of being their own designers for their clothes. Such gestures are rare and even the most popular designers around the world only offer that at exorbitant prices. We do this for each of our products at budgets that are pocket friendly for everyone.

We have over 18,000 satisfied customers with nothing but praise for our craft. When you choose us, you will be 100% sure we will deliver what we promise.

Another reason you should choose us is that we consider each of your requests as top priority and this applies to every customer. We make suits for as low as 7K THB and 1.5K TB for shirts, which is suitable for every wallet. Buying clothes from us is a unique experience entirely with lots of positives. Our custom-made clothes are designed to make you truly stand out to make bold statements about your self-image and expressions.

The way you dress determines how you are addressed. At Peninsula Tailors Bangkok, we dress and treat our customers’ as royalty. Poise, elegance, class and an undefeatable style are important considerations on our part. We do not compromise on our quality for any reason.

Why us? – Our process is easy, simple and without any hassles. We ensure seamless transition of your ideas and style in each piece we will design.

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